Probiotic Maxilin (Energy Max)

Author: Yessimbekova Ayagul Sultanovna

Translation: Gulsara Amangeldina Amangeldinovna

Maxilin is a product of Kazakhstan, nowadays it’s known as International Company Energy Max, which appeared on the market at the end of 2019. It is a dynamically developing company with a new approach to MLM business.

Abdykhalykov Nurym Zhanatovich is the founder of EnergyMax Company,  who is a President.

The co-founder and a vice president is Shaukat Amirovich Kozhamkulov.

The co-founder of EnergyMax Company,  a  Director of Marketing and Strategy Adilbekov Asylbek Asayevich.

The co-founder of EnergyMax Company  and  a Financial Director is Israpulov Tahir Srazhdinovich.

The co-founder  and the investor  of EnergyMax Company project is Asset Saginbaevich Zhumakulov.

  1. The history of Product creation
  2. Comparison with other analogues
  3. Product composition
  4. Recommended for diseases
  5. Age categories
  6. Product Application
  7. Business with the product
  8. Reviews
  9. Certificates
  10. Order the product

This is an acidophilic lacto bacterium strain 2585, developed in the 80s of the last century by order of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR as an antidote against bacteriological weapons. This bacterium is taken from the intestine, it is transmitted in the womb during the maturation of the fetus, protecting it from all infections and viruses. In 1980, a scientific conference was held in Japan dedicated to the development of biotechnology, where leading microbiologists of that time were invited. Among the invited was Galina Maksimovna (Professor, Doctor of Biological Sciences of the USSR) with her delegation. At this conference, Japan presented the development of biological weapons, a subspecies of the plague, which, according to Japanese scientists, was supposed to destroy a third of humanity. To which, in response, the Soviet delegation stated that they would create an antidote, an antidote that would become a panacea for all mankind. Scientists of that time for 7 years completely accustomed her to resist all kinds of antibiotics, chemical drugs, radiation exposure. That is, this bacterium has become incredibly resistant to all negative factors, such as emulsifiers, dyes, thickeners, preservatives and other substances that destroy the natural human micro biome. Military personnel were the first to use the drug in severe combat conditions. Under the guise of kefir, Soviet soldiers in Afghanistan introduced the drink into the diet. The experience was successful. Later, the product aroused interest in children’s infectious diseases institutions, military hospitals. The drink was tested in cancer clinics, patients tolerated chemotherapy more easily with the use of Maxilin. It has all preclinical and clinical test certificates, as well as a Eurasian patent. The entire package of documents is given below. The honorary member of the company and the author of the product is Grigory Ivanovich Miroshnikov, a military scientist, microbiologist, a Colonel retired.

More details can be found by watching a video from Badykeeva Nazgul Asanovna, a doctor of the highest category who graduated with honors from the Moscow Academy by Sechenova, whose experience over 17 years.

Currently, the right holder of the patent is the Kazakhstan International Company Energy Max. The company has 3 production plants, 2 of them are located in Almaty and one in Aktobe. The last was built according to the international GMP standard. Fermented milk products are supplied both to the domestic market and to the markets of Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia. Maxilin is produced in Kazakhstan in liquid form, in bottles with a capacity of 0.5 liters in the form of a cream-colored fermented milk drink with a pleasant sour taste, for far abroad countries in dry form, made by the method of freeze-drying liquid, in the form of sachets. To expand production, it is planned to resort to the help of the state. The plant in Aktobe can be viewed by the link

Scientists have come to the conclusion that 70% of immunity is in the intestine, the key to which is the correct ratio of the micro biome, where 80% is acidophilic lacto bacteria, 18% bifid bacteria and 2% pathogenic micro-flora. This can be said to be a whole organ, the total weight is from 1 to 3 kg. The intestine of a healthy person contains about 500 varieties of beneficial bacteria and the role of acidophilic lactobacilli is to suppress the growth of pathogenic micro-flora and stimulate the growth of lacto- and bifido-flora, to have an antiviral effect. Normal micro-flora is one of the ways to stay healthy and protected from the penetration of pathogens of various diseases into the body.

In order to regain lost health, it is necessary to restore the normal microbiome of the body. To do this, you need to populate the intestines with the right microflora, for this there are currently about 600 types of probiotics on the market in different countries. But none of them can resist antibiotics, when they come into contact with an antibiotic, the latter die. And only one probiotic has similar properties is Maxilin. Not to be confused with Maxilac. It is a symbiotic of 9 species of bacteria, a total of 4.5 billion bacteria. It has been taking to start drink from  the birth. Maxilin has a record number of bacteria: 1 billion 244 million bacteria in 1 ml. Taking 100 ml 3 times a day, a person receives 373 billion 200 million live bacteria. For example, the probiotic Linex has 12 million bacteria in a capsule, it is prescribed 2 capsules 3 times a day. A total of 72 million. With such a small amount of bacteria, it is impossible to overpopulate the intestinal microbiome with normal microflora, where there are quadrillions of pathogenic bacteria.

Vitamins B1, B2, B6, B9, Pp, E, C, biotin and other micro-macronutrients found in the product help the body to increase immunity and cope with infections.

Nutritional value per 100 g of the product: protein -3.2%, fats — from 1.5 to 3.6%, carbohydrates — 5.2%.

Energy value-59 kcal / 100 gr.

Maxilin contains:

Vitamins (mg / 100g): A — 0.13; E- 0.92; B1- 1.08; PP- 0.17; C- 0.16.

Microelements (mg / 100 g): calcium-113; magnesium -10; potassium -143.

Microorgonisms: probiotics: CFU/10’8 — 10’7.

The compound of the liquid product on the label, see the photo at the link

The compound of the dry product on the label by link

Maxilin creates an ideal PH environment in the body – 7.9, at which the reproduction of pathogenic organisms, parasites, and fungi is reduced to zero. Even Pseudomonas aeruginosa and candida fungus, which are practically untreatable, are suppressed by live lacto—bacteria according to numerous studies and bioresonance testing of the body by FOIL. This is a living probiotic, penetrating into the intestine colonizes it, releasing substances that suppress the growth of a wide range of pathogenic and putrefactive microorganisms. At the same time, the digestive and protective function of the intestine is normalized, metabolic functions are activated, the processes of self-healing and self-regulation of the body are activated. Probiotic synthesizes in the body a lot of micro and macroelements, vitamins of group B, automatic transmission, E, C, biotin, which help the body to normalize immunity and cope with infections. Official video:

Modern methods of treatment practice taking antibiotics, various chemical, synthetic drugs. Moreover, according to the latest data, simultaneous administration of 4 or 5 drugs inevitably causes a side effect. As a result of such treatment, new diseases develop.

All this has a detrimental effect on the human microflora. Even once taken an antibiotic, it does not matter whether it was in the form of an injection, pill or eaten chicken stuffed with antibiotics, has a detrimental effect on the human microflora, causing an imbalance. When the beneficial microflora that guards health dies, then pathogenic begins to develop in the intestine. The growth of pathogenic microflora causes multiple foci of inflammation in the body. As a result, immunity gradually decreases, the body is polluted with toxins of various parasites, fungi, bacteria, viruses. The blood and lymph are polluted. Over time, this leads to allergies, autoimmune diseases, benign tumors such as polyps, cysts, fibroids, and so on. As a result, all this can lead to cancer.

Recommended for diseases:

  • People who have ever taken antibiotics and hormonal medications
  • Gastrointestinal tract and liver, such as hepatosis, hepatitis and cirrhosis, as well as gastritis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, ulcerative colitis, constipation, lactose deficiency.
  • Intestinal infections (dysentery, salmonellosis, rotavirus, enterovirus)
  • Various poisoning, intoxication, (endogenous, exogenous, including hangover syndrome), detox.
  • Skin diseases such as neurodermatitis, atopic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, idiopathic urticaria, diathesis,
  • Diseases of the genitourinary system (cystitis, pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis, urinary diathesis, urethritis, prostatitis)
  • Diseases of the female genital sphere: colpitis of bacterial, fungal etiology, various inflammatory processes, cyst, fibroids, endometriosis, infertility primary, secondary,
  • Diseases of the endocrine system (thyroid gland, pancreas, ovaries, adrenal glands, etc.)
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system (coronary artery disease, hypertension, atherosclerosis of blood vessels, heart attack, stroke)
  • Diseases of the bronchopulmonary system, acute respiratory viral infections, sinusitis, laryngitis (purulent sore throat).
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system (osteochondrosis, arthritis, arthrosis, osteoporosis, etc.)
  • Reduced immunity,
  • Impaired metabolism (obesity, gout, etc.)
  • *Prevention and treatment of cancer during chemotherapy and radiotherapy

Maxilin is essentially a natural antibiotic. With monotherapy without the use of antibiotics in a short time for 2-3 days, for example, purulent sore throat, stomatitis is successfully eliminated. The high body temperature decreases rapidly.

It is a therapeutic and prophylactic drug, has no contraindications, there are no preservatives and other chemicals in its composition. This is a fermented milk probiotic based on skimmed milk.

It can be applied to people of all age categories from the first day of life. It can be combined with medications. It is taken simultaneously with taking antibiotics.

The use of Maxilin is especially indicated when planning pregnancy, starting long before conception, in order to create a unique environment for the development of a healthy, full-fledged child. 3 months before delivery, it is necessary, since, passing through the birth canal, the child, swallowing, receives the first natural vaccination in his life. When the mucous membranes of the mother do not have pathogenic flora, the beneficial micro-flora prevails, then the child will receive strong immunity from such a mother

During pregnancy, it should be taken to raise immunity. Without resorting to medications, the expectant mother, taking Maxilin, will be protected from viral, colds, infectious diseases. Such a woman’s child will be born healthy in all respects, without pathologies.

Suitable for children from birth. A newborn child receiving this product does not know what colic is, sleep will be strong, which is very important both for the development of the child and for the tranquility of the mother. His immunity is stronger, such a child develops well, does not suffer from colds.

A child of kindergarten age taking Maxilin grows healthy, inquisitive, does not miss kindergarten due to illness. A school-age child differs from his peers with a strong immune system, remembers the school curriculum better, such a child does not have a vitamin deficiency, since digestion works like clockwork, metabolic processes are normal. In adolescence, when taking the drug, there are no such troubles as acne, juvenile acne, with a clean intestine, the skin is also clean.

Great for people doing physical education. People taking this probiotic are energetic, active, as there is no place for parasites in their body, which take away the lion’s share of energy and nutrients from a person. They have a normal metabolism, all biochemical processes are correct. Maxilin is a systemic product. The body works like a clock, according to the law of nature.

It is shown to elderly people as the product of choice No. 1. When it is taken, the process of digestion, assimilation through the intestinal wall, removal of toxins, slags is restored. Elderly people, taking a live acidophilic bacterium strain 2585 get rid of many diseases, and importantly reduce the intake of chemicals.

It is also used by healthy people as a preventive measure and protection of the intestines from the harmful effects of the environment, the wrong rhythm of nutrition, in order to preserve immunity for many years.

Dry maxilin

Recommendations for admission:

There are 20 sachet bags in one box. This is one 1 course for 10-14 days of admission (depending on the dosage regimen).

  • We recommend starting the initial intake with 1/2-1/4 sachet per day and, with a normal reaction of the body, gradually, within a few days, bring the intake to the recommended dosage.
  • The recommended dosage for adults is 2 times a day 30 minutes before meals, one sachet package in the morning and evening, previously diluted in 50-150 ml of warm water or milk.
  • Children from 1 year and older are recommended to take 1-1 / 2 sachets a day 30 minutes before meals — 1/2—1/4 in the morning and 1/2-1/4 in the evening, pre-diluted in 50 ml of warm water or milk.
  • For infants from the first day of life — dilute 1/2 package in 50 ml of warm water and give 1 teaspoon 3 times a day before feeding.

In case of discomfort (bloating, rumbling, loose stools, constipation, stomach pain, etc.), the dosage should be temporarily reduced (until the unpleasant symptoms are eliminated) to 1/2-1/4 packages per reception, and then return to the recommended dosages according to age.

The minimum treatment course is 3 months. One package is enough for 10-14 days. Then, until the end of the month, a break for rest. Continue from next month.

!! In the case of chronic diseases, as well as in severe and neglected cases, continuous intake of Maxilin is recommended until a tangible result.

Liquid maxilin

It is recommended to take the following dosages:

⠀• For newborns, 1 teaspoon 3 times a day.

⠀•Children under 6 months 5-10 ml 3 times a day (daily requirement 10-30 ml).

⠀• Children from 12 months 10-20 ml 3 times a day (daily requirement 30-60 ml).

⠀• Children from 1 to 1.5 years 20-40 ml 3 times a day (daily requirement 60-120 ml).

⠀• Children over 5 years of age no more than 100 ml 3 times a day (daily requirement no more than 300 ml).

⠀• Adults 150-200 ml 3 times a day (daily requirement 500-700 ml).

Important! For those who take various medications, consult with your doctor before taking a probiotic.

Is it possible to make money easily and simply through the company’s marketing plan?

Currently, a sufficient number of reviews have accumulated from grateful patients who have defeated a variety of diseases, such as hepatitis C, cirrhosis of the liver, allergies, psoriasis, cancer diseases, etc., with the help of the product.

The product has passed numerous tests on animals and birds and has been highly appreciated everywhere see link

Everyone takes responsibility for their own health on their own. Without relying on doctors, everyone has the right to strengthen and restore their immune system. Maxilin will help in this. As you know, a healthy intestine is a strong immune system.

With the observance of a healthy diet, mental health, a diet aimed at excluding sweet, flour, dairy, compliance with physical therapy, sleep and wakefulness, and most importantly, maintaining immunity with the help of this probiotic, it is possible to maintain good health for many years.

Product Certificates

interpreter: Gulsara Amangeldina

Product consultation for free +7 (705)5407307 (beeline) Gulsara Amangeldina.

Maxilin is a real elixir for health, beauty and longevity.

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