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Gulsara Amangeldina Amangeldinovna, was born on 02/28/1969, on the GEE Zhairem, now Ulytau region, Kazakhstan. Married, has 3 children. 1976-1986 — graduated from Zhairem Secondary School №. 11. She studied 1986- 1991 at the Dzhezkazgan Pedagogical Institute, majoring in German and English. 1991-2009 — worked at the Zhairem Secondary School №. 30, №. 10. According to the 100% results of the UNT for 2007- 2009, he has diplomas.
Since 2009, he has been working as a senior lecturer at the Department of Foreign Languages at the Karaganda State Technical University. Master of Humanities.
In 2012-2013 — the owner of the International Presidential Scholarship «Bolashak». University of East Anglia, UK. She completed an Internship on the topic: Theory and teaching methods.
In 2015, for her contribution to the development of the University, she was awarded the Jubilee Medal «100 years of Academician A.S. Saginov.
Educational and methodological work:
During her work at KarSTU, she published a monograph «The role and features of Kazakh, Russian and English phraseological units in the artistic work of postmodern writers». Teaching aids «Keep up Your English»2009, «English Grammar», grammar textbook, KarSTU, 2011, «Oil and Gas Industry» 2016, «Firearms Training» 2017, guidelines «Professionally oriented foreign language»2017.
She created more than 5 electronic educational publications (СEP) in the disciplines of POEL:
«Oil and Gas Industry», Certificate of CIP No.1003 of June 1, 2015.., «Materials studying and new materials technologies», Certificate of June 19, 2015. «English for Transport Construction Engineering» CIP No. 1074 of 19.12.2018, «Technical English for all specialties» Certificate No. 1465 of May 22, 2014.
Certificate of CIP in the following disciplines POEL:
Developed slide lectures on the discipline Professionally oriented foreign language for the specialty Materials science «Material science». Electronic educational publication, Karaganda Technical University, 2014.
She has published more than 35 articles in various international scientific
conferences, symposiums:
“Method of combining casting and punching» 4 P.L. Metalurgija, Vol. 55,
Br./No3, Str./P 289-576 Croatia.July-September 2016y. Thomson Reuters IPF
0.905 «Concept time» in English, Russian and Kazakh languages», «Features of translation of multi-system languages (on the example of English and Kazakh languages)», «Analysis of the Educational System for the study of Technical profile language by Kazakh students», «On the effectiveness of using modern information technologies in teaching a foreign language in the Master’s technical University program», «Assimilation of Arabic and Turkic borrowings in English», «On theeffectiveness of the use of modern information Technologies in the teaching a foreign language in the Master’s program of a Technical university»Journal «Bulletin of KazNU named after Abai» Series «Philological sciences», No. 1(71), 2020 p. 591.
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Product certificates.
Product consultation for free +7 (705)5407307 (билайн) whatsapp Gulsara Amangeldinovna.
Certificate G.A

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